Barebones Living x Sonoma

Food, Lifestyle

Apr 18, 2019

The party started inside. Kevin sought out to make a cake he’d never made before (classic Kevin), the contents of which included an entire bottle of Cobram Estate + blood orange topped with decadent chunks of raw honeycomb (spoiler: it was even better than it sounds).

Alicia was just around the corner doing what she does best: giving thought to table styling and putting small arrangements of kumquat and heather together for a tablescape that was as natural as it was vibrant. Morning gave way to afternoon and eventually Alicia + Sarah (whose beautiful home we were inhabiting for the day) headed out to pick some lemons to preserve on the back deck while Kevin foraged greens for lunch (idyllic, I know, but I can’t make this stuff up). Eventually, the table came together complete with the new line of gorgeous plates, bowls, cutlery and linens by Barebones Living and Kevin spent what seemed like minutes throwing together an impressive lunch whose beauty was only outdone by its taste. You can read more about the day on Alicia’s blog, and view snippets from the day below.

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