Headlands Coastal Lodge // Pacific City, Oregon


Oct 9, 2018

A week ago, I couldn’t have pointed out Pacific City, Oregon on a map. This week, I seem to start every conversation with, “Have you heard of Pacific City, Oregon?!” A quick 48 hour stay at Headlands Coastal Lodge (a coastal oasis nestled between massive dunes along the endless coastline of the Pacific Northwest) were just enough time to convince us that there is magic to be found along the Oregon Coast.After a long, 10-hour drive from Tahoe, the first and only thing we hoped to do upon arrival was relax and from the moment we walked into our 440 square foot room, we did just this. The tastefully designed room came complete with  a lounge seating area that opened to our private balcony with views of Cape Kiwanda/Haystack Rock, a pillow-top king size bed and a cast-iron soaking tub just feet away from a gas fireplace.

We spent mornings on our balcony wrapped in blankets, cups of coffee in hand – watching the fog burn off until resolving to shower and explore before the day slipped through our fingers. One of the best parts about Headlands Coastal Lodge is the “Adventure Coach” component. Each guest is assigned an Adventure Coach who is, essentially, an expert on the area and is able to connect guests with all of Pacific City’s offerings including beach bonfires, crabbing, kayaking, culinary experiences, hiking, bird watching, beer tasting, creamery tours and more. Our Adventure Coach gave us an extensive list of places + descriptions to discover and thanks to this list, we were able to avoid the “Now what?!” conundrum we’re so often faced with on vacation. Our awesome Adventure Coach, Ryan, gave us all of the wonderful information below:

If you would like to experience crabbing the way most folks do, not on a chartered boat, then you can try Kelly’s Brighton Marina in wheeler.  Here you can rent an aluminum boat and crab rings, then set out into the beautiful Nehalem Bay or forego the boat and just toss rings off the pier.  Either way, they are known for offering a great service here.
Nevor Oysters and Jacobsen Salt company are both located very close to one another on Netarts Bay and both offer a great guest experiences and wonderful products.
There are a few restaurants in the area that do a fine job of sourcing from local purveyors.  The Schooner in Netarts is right on the bay and offers an exceptional menu of local seafood. Our restaurant, The Meridian, and Salmonberry Saloon in Wheeler have exceptional seafood as well but have a more varied menu of local offerings.
There is a wonderful and very unique brewery in Tillamook, De Gard Brewing.  They produce naturally fermented beers, meaning that they do not use yeast cultured in a lab the way that most breweries do; they allow naturally occurring yeast to ferment their beer.  Drinking this beer is quite literally drinking a part of the region.
A few miles from the Lodge is Nestucca Bay Creamery, specializing in soft cheeses.
Gingifer’s Kitchen is a local producer of small batch jams and jellies, made with local ingredients.

The remainder of our trip was filled with all of the above: beer tasting, creamery tours, oysters, dune hikes and hours of relaxation on both our balcony and by the fire in our room and looked a little something like this:

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