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Sep 5, 2018

I admit, I’m not a huge lover of Chardonnay. It’s not that I have anything against the varietal (well, most of them), it’s just not the first thing I reach for while perusing the aisles of my beloved BevMo. However, spending a week photographing vineyards + wineries along the Central Coast turned this non-believer into a first class fan. Exceptional human + all around adorable winemaker Kami of Edna Valley told us, “Just like I tell people there’s a yoga for everyone, I also tell them there’s a Chardonnay for everyone.” And so, there was. There was also incredible views along Highway 1, delicious cuisine + wine pairings, a crab cook out (complete with s’mores) on the beach, copious amounts of cheers-ing and a whole lot of sweet memories. It was an absolute honor to capture all of the below.

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