How to Spend 4 Days in San Jose del Cabo


May 13, 2019

I’ve been known to cry on plane rides home, but it hadn’t happened in quite some time. That is, until Baja.

My husband Rico has been coming here for years. Every winter, he and his best bud, Keith pack up all of their kiteboarding gear and head to La Ventana for the ultimate adrenaline-filled boy’s week. There’s not a lot of wi-fi down there, so a proper Facetime between us never happened. Thus, all I knew about Baja was what I heard from Rico upon each return home: “Well, it’s no 5-star resort” and “We spent $20 for food the whole WEEK!” and “No palm trees on that desert beach!” His descriptions of Baja always equated to, “I think I’ll stick to the Tenerife,” for me. It wasn’t until last year I started getting a distinct Mexico itch; how ideal would it be to hop on a three-hour flight and be transported to another country + culture, uniquely its own? As luck would have it, a Baja wedding invitation came into our life and planning our itinerary ensued.

I’ll be the first to admit nothing ever goes quite as “planned” on our vacations (what fun would that be?) and estimate approximately 70% of this guide was premeditated, while the other 30% was the direct result of random spontaneity. That being said, I recommend using this guide as just that – a guide. I hope this document helps get you started; gets you excited and gives you a point from which to leap and find your own precious adventures filled with fleeting, spontaneous moments.

And with that, I give you the first of many guides: How to Spend 4 Days in San Jose del Cabo (…in exchange for a little information below):

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