Honeymoon // Mugello


Jun 21, 2016


Scarperia, Mugello: Ever heard of it? Neither had I. When we first decided on Italy and Spain as our honeymoon destinations, my then fiance offered up a…deal, of sorts. I went something like this: “Steph. If we can spend the first two days of our honeymoon racing motorcycles on my dream track with my dad in Italy, I’ll do anything you say for the remainder of our trip.” Who says no to that? Off to Mugello we went.

Let me tell you, my expectations were set pretty high for Como, Tuscany and Barcelona. However, I hadn’t envisioned much beyond a beautiful motorcycle track and maybe some coppa on a nearby balcony during our time in Mugello. Perhaps this is part of the reason it became my favorite two days of our honeymoon? Maybe, maybe not. I think it was the authenticity of the town: the lack of tourism, the surplus of reality. We might have been the only Americans in the entire town and that, that was cool. We did as the locals did, no one accommodated to us, no one catered to our needs.

Scarperia, Mugello was a small town, with cobblestone streets where we spent our time eating bruschetta outside of small cafes while children played soccer in the street and sun-weathered Italian women hung their laundry to dry in the stories above. It was slow, it was beautiful, it was perfect.











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  1. xtina says:

    you BET your booty your sis just went through ALL THESE POSTS. i’m such a good friend. seriously though, stunning pictures! i felt like i just journeyed through your whole honeymoon with you. i love those pictures of rick and sharon you took! also, rico should keep the light beard grizzle going!

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