The Frye Company // South Lake Tahoe


Oct 15, 2016


Contests: why enter them? You never win, right? I grew up calling the radio once a week in an attempt to win whatever [lackluster] tickets they were giving away. After hundreds of calls and no success, I was feeling pretty defeated by age 12. I gave up on contests, completely – wrote and swore them off.

Fast-forward 15 years later, and there was a contest I found on Instagram; a contest I really, really wanted to win. A contest that would send me and one other to Chicago for Lollapalooza and on a shopping spree with my favorite boot company of all time. Long story short: all of the defeat I experienced as a tween was put to rest, I’d won my first contest. I was off to Lollapalooza to see my favorite band, front row, and pick out my very own pair of new FRYE boots. Highlight of my life? Mmmm, it’s up there.

A year later, I got a call: “We’re opening a store in San Francisco! Can you help us with a road trip story from SF to Tahoe?!” …yes, yes I can. To date, this has been one of my most memorable trips; spontaneous rooftop dinner parties, sunrises on the lake, cans of Underwood and Fort Point during happy hour at  The Coachman and so on.

The new FRYE store opens this week in San Francisco, and I though it only appropriate to share photos from our unforgettable road trip. Happy scrolling!

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