Borgo Egnazia // Puglia, Italy


Dec 9, 2017

It’s hard to write about a place you’ve been so moved by. I came home not knowing how to talk about Borgo Egnazia – how do you tell people you’ve been to heaven and back? How do you even begin to describe a place that in just one week’s time, has come to mean so much to you? A place that has changed you.
This blog post won’t even begin to do it justice, but I’ll try.

Borgo Egnazia is an enchanting oasis surrounded by ancient olive trees (some of them over 3000 years old), encompassed by unparalleled views that stretch to the Adriatic. Built just seven years ago. Its magnificent architecture, design, food and hospitality were all created to pay homage to Apulian culture, tradition and style. Its grand entrance features a tree with symbolic paper leaves,  baskets of the region’s best bounty and lanterns suspended in midair.
Beyond the entrance and main hotel, is the Borgo (“village”). Our room, located in the Borgo, gave us a taste of traditional Apulian stye, as Il Borgo is reminiscent of the traditional Apulian village, and the heart of the property. It is surrounded by small streets and corners, with a central piazza that comes to life with regular markets and parties. It is also next to Borgo’s traditional restaurant, La Frasca (one of the best meals we’ve ever had) and Mia Cucina trattoria, where we took a cooking class in traditional Apulian cuisine.

Quite possibly our favorite aspect of Borgo Egnazia: Our Local Advisor. Borgo provides each guest with a member of their staff known as a “Local Advisor”. Each Local Advisor is native to Puglia, and ready to point you in the direction of anything and everything you wish to see, learn, do or know about Apulian culture. Interested in learning more about the flavor profiles and process behind olive oil? They’ll set you up on a tour of a grove filled with olive trees dating back to the 16th century before letting you taste your way through the distinct varietals of oil. Returning late from a day at the beach and looking for a place to grab an authentic Apulian meal? They’ll put in a call to their good friend’s restaurant and let them know two guests are looking for home cooked meal at 8 o’clock (the same restaurant they visit on their day off). Looking to explore the neighboring towns? They’ll write out a full agenda of the most authentic eats/drinks/experiences for you. The list goes on and on, but there is essentially nothing your Local Advisor isn’t willing to help you with in order to make your Apulian experience as authentic and tailored as possible.


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