Under Canvas // Zion


Nov 5, 2017

I used to love camping. As a kid, my parents would pack up our Coleman tent trailer with a weekend’s worth of essentials including, but not limited to: a block of Tillamook, OG Triscuits, applewood smoked bacon, Power Bait, and the fixings for morning omelets + evening s’mores. They would grab a very excited me from elementary school and we’d jam to the likes of Boz Scaggs + Rod Stewart as we ventured East up Highway 50 for a weekend full of the great outdoors (…I use the phrase “great outdoors” loosely).  Years went by and eventually, they sold the little Coleman That Could, and I resorted (gasp) to real camping. You know, the kind you do in a tent? With a wooden spoon and metal pot beside your pillow? The kind without a toilet/shower combo next to your Eastern King? That kind. I was always fine with the aforementioned, although a part of me yearned for long lost games of Speed in the toasty confines of the Coleman.

Years went by and I found myself in a serious relationship with my then-boyfriend (now-husband) who one day asked how I felt about pursuing our first; our first trailer. Alas, Terrence the Teardrop was born/purchased, and we were on cloud nine as we conquered the West Coast almost every weekend for two years straight. As so many good things do, our time with Terrence came to an end, and we were left heart broken. I felt the pain of losing the Coleman all over. Will we ever find something we love quite as much?! Will we ever fall asleep watching the stars (in ultra comfortable confines) again?!

Of course we would. And recently, we did.

Cue: Under Canvas. A glamping experience unlike any other, Under Canvas has seven locations throughout the United States. We were fortunate enough to snag a tent at Under Canvas Zion just a few weeks after their opening date and we could not have been more pleased with our experience.

From the moment we arrived, we were welcomed by the staff, the land and even fellow campers. We felt a sense of community as we gathered with complete strangers around the campfire to share s’mores and stories. We regained our sense of place as we fell asleep in our Star Gazer tent below a crystal clear view of the night’s sky. We felt reborn as we woke up, just in time to watch the sun rise above the canyon walls.

Zion was beautiful, but it was our time at Under Canvas that made it truly unforgettable.

  1. Kaitlin says:

    What type of tent did you stay in? I am looking at booking the Moab location but the regular tents look super close to the road and your pictures for Zion look like you are in a more remote (beuatiful!) area. Just curious if this was the deluxe option.

    Also – any warnings or watchouts that we should consider before booking?


    • stephanierudy7@gmail.com says:

      Hi Kaitlin! We actually stayed in two tents. We were in the Star Gazer (their deluxe version which has a shower + bathroom inside of the tent), and then in the Safari tent. I can’t speak for Moab, but none of the Zion ones were very close to the road. You could SEE the road, but there were so few cars it really never even crossed my mind! No watchings or warnings at all (except spiders, ha)…We’ll be doing Under Canvas several more times, we absolutely looooooved all that it embodied. HAVE FUN!! Holler with annnny more questions, too!